Big canna pot pie

Canadian entrepreneurs and ambitious start ups have tremendous opportunities in the brave new world of legalized cannabis. Right?
Not so fast.
Major mergers show a disturbing consolidation of industry players. 
American companies,  multinationals and billionaires are racing ahead of the pack to get a big fat piece of the tantalizing pot pie.
Recent patent applications show large corporations racing to get their products to market.
Even mega beer companies and coffee shops are getting in on the action.
The Craft Cannabis Association of BC is ringing the alarm bell and have been since 2016.
action adult businessman clothing
Photo by Anders Kristensen on

Big Canna swallowing the whole pie?

The promised land of opportunity for small business and start ups once seemed so close.
  • But as legalization get closer, it’s pretty clear that it’s no slam dunk.
  • Turns it could be slim pickings for  small producers and other companies.
  • These fledging companies are not likely to will get a generous slice of the action.
What seems more likely is that Big Canna companies will swallow up the juiciest and most profitable bites, leaving smaller players to scramble for crumbs.
Big Pharma.  Big Tobacco. And now – Big Canna.
Trust us, they say.
We have your best interests at heart.

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