THC: Anti-aging elixir?

Micro doses of THC may provide a “safe and effective treatment for cognitive decline in aging humans” and could even reverse age-related decline, according to new research.

The beneficial effect of THC lasted for at least seven weeks after just one injection in the brains of adult mice, said the study, published in Neurobiology of Aging.

THC did not produce a high because of the low dose administered.

Images of “old” adult-rodent brains were examined through Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Researchers looked at specific areas of the brain related to learning, understanding, and perception.

Larger and denser brains of THC-treated mice, compared with the brains of untreated older mice, were discovered.

These important discoveries add to the evidence already found in studies on the brains of young and old mice.

The brains of young mice were protected from various insults, including infection, when ultra-low doses of THC were administered, according to research from 2014.

Reversal of age-related cognitive impairments in mice by an extremely low dose of tetrahydrocannabinol” was published in Neurobiology of Aging in January 2018.

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