Women at the top

Well done, Aurora. Finally, a woman!

A major player in the male-dominated cannabis industry showed a little common sense yesterday and named a woman to its senior ranks.  Finally.
Deb Wilson is now Chief Human Resource Officer at Aurora Cannabis, effective August 10.
She first had to prove herself at the company as vice president then senior VP, mind you, but at least she’s at the table now.
Wilson’s a tough cookie, and smart  – so if anyone can make it in the push and shove, rough and tumble world of male executives running cannabis companies – it’s her.
She counts a PhD among her accomplishments and shares her knowledge with HR students at NAIT (Northern Institute of Technology) in Edmonton.
Early in her career, she served as VP HR at one of Alberta’s biggest and oldest family-owned, privately run real estate and development companies, McLab Enterprises.
(As an aside, McLab’s storied history began with founders Jean de la Bruyere and Sandy Mactaggart, the former having died in a private-plan crash decades ago and was rumoured to have dated Bridgette Bardot.
But I digress.
Good choice, Aurora.
Canopy … over to you.

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