I have a confession …

Marijuana never agreed with me. It usually had the opposite effect that it was supposed to have.

I liked it. But I’d get hyper while everyone else was relaxing.

Friends would be munching out on delicious -looking food while I wasn’t the least bit hungry.  

They thought just about everything was funny. I’d get this weird, free-floating anxiety.

I think it might’ve been too much  THC.  (I recently read that THC levels are 10 times higher than they used to be!)

So I mostly abstained.

Then I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease when a stomach biopsy came back positiver for Celiac.

No cure except a gluten-fee diet for life.

A friend suggested I try smoking a joint for my wicked celiac cramps.

So I did.

Just a couple of puffs – and oh my God! Instant relief. It felt like a a magical muscle relaxant. Just amazing.

I still didn’t like the way it affected my brain though. So I’m closely watching the research. There’s some cool stuff happening.

Turns out our digestive system is tightly connected with our endocannabinoid system.

It’s believed to influence hunger, nausea, vomiting, inflammation,  immune function and even gastrointestinal cancer, which runs in my family.

I found two studies – and I’m currently reading another one. 

In the first one, medical researchers in Italy examined stomach biopsies of celiac patients. Some were on a gluten-free diet and some were not.

Compared with celiacs who’d been on a gluten-free diet for a year or more, the gluten-consumping group showed abnormal levels of anandamide, the cannabinoid discovered in our bodies in 1992.

In another study, biopsy samples from patients with diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndome and colon cancer showed altered levels of cannabinoid receptors in their gastro-intestinal tract.  

So now what?

I work hard  to control my diet but sometimes gluten slips in, and the misery begins.

I’ve been experimenting with CBD and will share what I’ve found.

What are your experiences with cannabis for GI issues?  

I’d love to hear from you and I’d welcome any advice you’d be willing to share.

Yours in health!




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