Research spanning multiple decades showed cannabis as potential cancer medicine.

“The literature is nearly unanimous in suggesting that cannabinoids and endocannabinoids reduce the progression of cancer in preclinical model systems.” ~ Cancer and Metastasis Review, Oct. 2011

Cannabis-like compounds offer therapeutic potential for the treatment of breast, prostate and bone cancer in patients.” ~British Journal of Pharmacology, 2011

THC and CBD may slow down or even stop the growth of cancer cells in brain, lung, breast, liver and skin.

A link between brain cancer (glioblastoma) and cannabinoid receptors has been known since 2001.

Growth of malignant melanoma cells have been linked to anandamide since 2013.

A connection between Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and cannabinoid receptors was discovered in 2013.

Breast cancer cells were found to contain cannabinoid receptors in 2006.

In stage IV colorectal cancer, the level of cannabinoid receptors was found to be a factor in a bad prognosis following surgery.

In pancreatic tumors, higher volumes of cannabinoid receptors were shown in patients with shorter survival time (median 6 months)

.Ovarian and prostate tumours have been found high in cannabinoid receptors.

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