CBD potential as heart healer know for 18 years or more.

Experimental research shows that CBD and THC may be beneficial in serious heart conditions.

It’s well known that when plaque builds up in the arteries, it blocks the critical supply of blood to the heart.

Experimental research as far back as 2001 showed the potential of CBD to reduce the impact of this dangerous condition.

The results of another pivotal study were subsequently published nine years later in the prestigious medical journal read by cardiologists and heart surgeons.

The Journal of the American College of Cardiology publishes “original peer-reviewed clinical and experimental reports on all aspects of cardiovascular disease.”

In the 2010 pre-clinical research, the human cells of a heart muscle damaged by diabetes were studied under the microscope.

When CBD was applied to the heart-muscle cells, it reduced inflammation as well as the thickening and scarring of heart tissue.

The study included physicians and PhD’s from multiple universities, including Harvard Medical School, as well as cannabis-research pioneer, Dr. Ralph Mechoulam.

Widely considered “the grandfather of medical marijuana, Dr. Mechoulam is credited with identifying the structure and chemical action of THC in 1964.

CBD is also reported to potentially protect heart tissue damaged by a type of chemotherapy used in breast cancer.

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