Tilray’s CBD/THC mixture found safe kids with drug-resistant epilepsy

A clinical trial using a CBD:THC mixture showed children with a severe form of epilepsy experienced fewer seizures and a better quality of life, according to the first study of its kind conducted by Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children.

In the phase-two clinical trial, children with Dravet Syndrome were treated with high amounts of CBD and conservative amounts of THC. 

Tilray 2:100 cannabis oil was used in the study and was donated by Tilray.  

Children who reached the target treatment dose saw a statistically significant reduction in motor seizures and an increase in seizure-free days, compared with those who did not reach the target dose, said Catherine Jacobson director of Tilray’s Clinical Research Program.

“We are excited by the encouraging results of this study and the ability to already offer this highly concentrated CBD product to patients in Canada,” she said.

Dravet can cause hundreds of seizures a day in children as young as three years old. 

“These results set the foundation for further work to advance successful treatment and outcomes for this population of children who until now, had little hope for better health outcomes, the company said in a news release. 

Tilray 2:100 has the highest concentration of cannabis-derived CBD, compared with other products governed by the Government of  Canada’s regulations for access to medical cannabis, 

The product has a target concentration of 100mg/ml CBD and 2mg/ml THC for a total cannabinoid amount of 4,000mg CBD and 80mg THC in each 40ml bottle.

The small number of participants, the majority of whom were already taking a prescribed antiepileptic drug, represents a limitation of the study.

The company is planning a clinical trial with more participants and variable doses of combined THC/CBD.

The research findings were published in the peer-reviewed medical journal Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology.

To help support access to this product, Tilray offers a discounted introductory price, as well as a compassionate pricing program based on financial need. It said that as supply increases, the product will be made available to other patients in need.

For information on Tilray 2:100 and the compassionate pricing program, please call Tilray’s­ Patient Services team at 1-844-TILRAY1.

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