Maricann launches new product line

Maricann today announced a new product line that will feature four strains under the brand name Kiwi.

The dried-flower products each contain different levels of CBD and THC: White Feather (High CBD), Hawke’s Bay (Balanced), Nelson’s Blue (Mid THC) and Flightless Bird (Mid-High THC).

The company’s vice president of sales & marketing Geoff Kosar said the brand aims to cuts through the clutter and simplify consumer decisions through straight-forward information.

“We’re in the middle of a rapidly growing industry; one that has sparked a lot of curiosity among consumers,” he said.

The marketing approach for Kiwi will help make cannabis accessible to a wider public, he said, and Canadians can make “smart, informed decisions on where we fit in their wellness routine and lifestyle.”

Kiwi’s Master Grower Jennifer Ayotte said: “Cannabis can be simple, elegant and easy-to-understand.”

“When the right measures are set in place for consistency, quality and safety, it’s easier to see that what we’re really talking about are plants.”

The product will be created from plants grown at Maricann’s state-of-the-art facilities in Langton, Ontario.

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