Phase 2 clinical trial: CBD for Parkinsons

Renowned neurologist Dr. Maureen Leehey is leading a phase 2 clinical trial to study cannabidiol (CBD) as potential treatment for Parkinson’s, a disease she has studied for more than 30 years.

The University of Colorado School of Medicine is conducting the study to determine if CBD can reduce symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, particularly motor symptoms and tremors.

In the previously conducted first phase of the study, Dr. Leehey discovered that CBD oil was well tolerated by her Parkinsons’ patients.  Many reported positive effects.

In the upcoming randomized, double-blind study, half of the participants will take CBD, while the other 30 will take a placebo.

The study is expected commence in December 2018, with results by June 2019.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse will supply the CBD.

Dr. Leehey is known for her discovery (along with collaborators) of the tremor/ataxia syndrome associated with the fragile X genetic disorder, which affects about 1 in 10,000 men over age 50, especially grandfathers of children with fragile X syndrome.

The clinical trial is sponsored by the University of Colorado, in collaboration with the Department of Public Health and Environment.

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