Multiple clinical-trial records on negative aspects of cannabis were updated this week.

Clinical trials on the so-called “negative” aspects of cannabis, particularly addiction, have been completed or are underway at a number of American universities.

The records of several studies registered and completed as far back as 2013 were updated yesterday and today. The updates reflect the last date that the clinical trial met “Quality Control” criteria.

A study on cannabis-use disorder, conducted by the New York State Psychiatric Institute, was completed in August 2018. The clinical-trial record was updated yesterday (Jan. 14, 2019).

Another clinical-trial record updated yesterday involves a study completed in 2013 and funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA).

A third cannabis-use disorder study was completed approximately four years ago by the Geisel School of Medicine in New Hampshire. The clinical-trial record was updated today.

Initially registered in 2012 and suspended in 2016 before starting again in 2017, another clinical-trial was updated this week. The cannabis dependance and withdrawal study is currently underway at Yale University.

Detecting cannabis in the body is the subject of a clinical trial that is registered as having been completed just today. It was first registered in 2014.

Also today, researchers at the New York State Psychiatric Institute updated the record of clinical-trial looking at how cannabis affects reactions, attention and behaviour. That study was completed in 2016.



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