ANTIBIOTICS “Significantly Enhanced” with Addition of CBD

“CBD, in combination with specific antibiotics, may…be used as an adjuvant to selectively target bacteria to sensitize them to antibiotic treatment and reduce antibiotic resistance.”

Antibiotic-resistant infections are on the rise, presenting a serious threat to public heath.

For the first time, scientific research has shown that CBD can boost the efficacy of certain antibiotics that are used to treat bacterial infections such as E. coli.

“Significantly enhanced antibacterial effects” were discovered when CBD was applied alongside specific antibiotics, according to the study’s authors, one of whom is GW Pharmaceutical founder and board chair Dr. Geoffrey Guy.

In one case, anti-bacterial effects increased 100% compared with antibiotic treatment alone.

In one case (Vancomycin), the drug’s anti-bacterial effects increased as much as 100% compared with antibiotic treatment alone.

Vancomycin is most often used intravenously as a treatment for complicated skin infections, bloodstream infections and meningitis caused by bacteria that is resistant to other antibiotics.

The study was published in Frontiers in Cell Infections, September 2019.

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