“Highly Potent and Medically Useful” Plant Terpenes Explored in New Research Paper

Massive potential of yet-to-be discovered compounds

The number of plant terpenoids that could potentially hold therapeutic value is massive and likely >105 (ten to the fifth power), according to research published in Molecules, October 2019.

Specialized terpenes yield “clinically valuable compounds,” said the study out of the University of Toronto, Canada.

The paper covers the emergence of “highly potent” and “pharmacologically useful … cannabinoids” used in medicine and medical research.

“Fortuitous uses in medicine”

The authors said plant terpenes have found “fortuitous uses in medicine” for centuries.

They conclude that new approaches “will undoubtedly improve” both the number of discoveries, and the increased availability of terpenoids for use in medicine.

The research was funded by the Canadian government’s Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.